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Readers reviews of TRADING TACTICS

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Modesty prevents me for making any comments about this book - Daryl Guppy



In his first book, Share Trading, Daryl Guppy gobsmacked the conventional trading fraternity and enamoured private trader’s everywhere when he explained mind-set-shifting concepts such as the private trader’s advantage over the large institutions; improved stock selection by shedding a new light on blue-chip tradition; and introducing the world to the portfolio growth management magic of the ‘six to twenty one’ strategy – it has taken the trading society 15 years and an historic bear market to catch up to his 1996 method, claiming it as ‘their new’ hybrid portfolio theory.

His new book Guppy Trading unsurprisingly fits this same revolutionary mould.  I believe in years to come Guppy Trading will be viewed as another ground-breaking classic.  Thankfully with this book we don’t have to wait 15 years to see how traders must approach modern global markets now in order to survive and prosper.  ‘Essential Methods for Modern Trading’ is the understated sub-title of this book; it is a perfect description of its content.

Colin Miller, May 2011





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