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Summary outline

Part 1: MARKET MAPS shows how charting and technical analysis fits into trading and investment strategies. It shows how market data is compiled in charting programs and explores the difference between prediction and probability. This section explains the various ways that price information is plotted on the computer screen by charting software.


Part 2: IMPROVING THE CHART is divided into four sections.

CROWD BEHAVIOUR explores the way chart patterns expose crowd behaviour. We include trading rules for each chart pattern or indicator along with crowd rules explaining the aspect of the crowd being measured or plotted. This covers support and resistance, trend lines and trading set ups on bar charts.


CROWD MOVEMENT starts with moving averages, showing how these indicators are used to develop trading and investment solutions. Trading examples show the impact of different calculation methods as well as trading rules for each indicator. These include moving average crossovers, MACD, MACD Histogram and Guppy multiple moving averages. Rules for understanding how these indicators relate to the market crowd are also included. For ready reference a short summary of each indicator is provided at the end of every chapter.


CROWD THINKING includes those indicators designed to reveal these thoughts. This is the oscillator group, including Bollinger Bands, Stochastics, Relative Strength Index and the ADX group of indicators. Trading and crowd rules are included for each. As with all previous sections, an actual practical trading example using each indicator is also included.


CROWD ANALYSIS shows how statistical measures are used to analyse the market. Trading rules are provided for the application of New High_New Low Index and Advance_Decline information. This section also includes a detailed examination of the relationship between price and volume in the Australian market. There are extensive trading examples showing how the trading, and crowd rules, are applied in reality.


Part 3: THERE IS A RISK OF LOSS introduces new traders to the concepts of risk, fear and greed. The concept of stop loss to protect capital and later, profits, is discussed. We explain how risk is easily measured using a chart. The trading and crowd rules are combined with a trading example to show how the count back line techniques are used to identify, manage and control risk in a trade. We show what is involved in selecting good charting software, explaining our software choices and showing the pitfalls which come with poor choices.


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"I have just finished this excellent book and would like to thank you for the info it contains. It is straight to the point and is very understandable to a relative novice like me. I have been reading other trading books  but none of them explain the foundations of the market like you do."

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