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The Opportunity

We provide technical and charting analysis research via the Internet for Australian, Asian and other international clients. This is not trading advice. The team is drawn from around the world and is connected by email. All work is completed via the Internet. We provide research drawn from Australian, Singapore, Malaysian, Hong Kong, China, New Zealand and US equities, futures and derivative markets. We currently have openings for analysts dealing with Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and New Zealand markets.

We are looking to expand this team and these entry level e-lance commission opportunities give you a chance to show that you have the skills we are looking for.

The Task

To analyse nominated stocks in between 600 and 800 words from a technical or charting perspective. This should show how the technique is applied to the selected stock, or how the technique is modified in the light of current market conditions. Sometimes the stock selection is designed to show how the technique or indicator works.

The Qualifications

  • Ideally you are already trading or active in the market.
  • You understand the terms used in the market and how trading techniques are applied.
  • You can write clearly on technical subjects.
  • You are familiar with the weekly newsletter and can write in a way that is consistent with its style and prepare charts in a way that is consistent with the style used in the newsletter. (Trial newsletter available from
  • You are able to meet deadlines – every time.
  • You know how to match chart illustrations with text.
  • You know how to create an image file of a chart and overlay it with captions and arrows as required. (We will provide you with image capture software to convert this into a GIF file suitable for emailing)
  • You are able to meet deadlines – every time.
  • You already have charting software – Ezy Chart, Metastock, Supercharts – and a data supply relevant for the country you are working in. (If you are using another charting package please mention it)
  • You are able to meet deadlines – every time.
  • A track record is an advantage, but we are really interested in what you are doing now rather than what you have done.
  • You are able to meet deadlines – every time.

The Conditions

  • All material is subject to final edit and revision before publication.
  • Editors decision is final. Due to tight deadlines it is unlikely that you will see the final edit prior to publication.
  • All analysis work must be consistent with the approach to the market. When work is assigned a brief trading outline will be provided.
  • This is freelance commission contract writing work and suitable for part timers. We pay for the finished product, not your time or associated expenses.
  • All material must be emailed.
  • Payment is after publication.
  • Deadlines are everything as this is time sensitive information.

Other Rewards

We include this note from one of our regular writers. Not everyone will want to move into the financial industry. We cannot guarantee you will get the job you want, but we do provide references on request, for our regular contributors.

"Writing for Turorials in Applied Technical Analysis really helped me kick off my career in Finance. It provided my with the necessary experience and background for my current job with JB Were. At recent job interviews my employers were impressed with my writing and it gave me the edge over the other applicants. Personally, writing every week made me think about new ideas and applications and the benefits to my trading were also apparent. I would highly recommend contributing to this newsletter if you are thinking about obtaining that edge in your trading and it may help with future employment prospects."

A Gibbs

Need More Details.

Email us at and head the message JOB.

Please provide the following details.

  • Full name
  • Email contact address
  • Street Address
    Best Phone contact number
  • Charting software package(s) you use.
  • Source of your data. Ie Just data, Odds, Almax, Key Quotes, Stock Data Corp etc.
  • Brief details of any experience in this type of work or your experience in the market.

We will email you additional details.

Please note we will not read anything that arrives by fax or Australia Post. All this work is based on email delivery so we expect that you will show us your competence in this area from the very beginning. (This includes getting your return email address correct)


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