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Converting Excel data to Metastock format

Converting Excel files to Metastock files can be frustrating. The problem usually is related to the date structure, format and hidden formulas. Some traders create synthetic Excel files using market data. These include advance_decline data, new high-new low data, or data used to track an individual portfolio average. Excel has very limited charting abilities when compared with Metastock so there is an advantage in turning the Excel data into a Metastock file.
    For more advanced users, this process also provides a way to set up a DDE link with live data coming into an Excel spreadsheet that is linked to a Metastock file which is updated.  The same direct links can be used to develop Excel based indicators which are displayed on a Metastock data file. This might include plotting the equity curve calculated in an Excel spreadsheet directly over the appropriate price chart.
    The steps below are used for establishing a new base Metastock reference file and importing historical Excel data into it.

Step 1

Create Excel data file. Date format is not important.
Step 2
Establish a new folder for these files
Step 3
Launch the Downloader.
Select NEW then SECURITY

E1.gif (5946 bytes)

Step 4
Use the BROWSE button to find the folder you wish to store the new security in. Do not mix these up with your other stock data files. Give the security a name and a symbol. Make sure the FIRST DATE is the same as the first date in your Excel data file.
Click CREATE. Then click CANCEL to exit this part of the program.
This now creates a blank data file. You can now add the Excel data to this file
Step 5
Select FILE then OPEN. Use the standard navigation dialog to locate the folder the new security file has been stored in. The click the OPEN button.

E2.gif (3313 bytes)

Step 6
The screen blow comes up. It is a blank data file. It has no date or data in the screen display.
Leave this screen open and switch back to the open Excel file containing the data you want
to convert into a Metastock file.

E3.gif (7811 bytes)

Step 7
Highlight all the data you want to transfer to the Metastock data file. Do NOT highlight the date column, or the row with the headings. Metastock will fill in the date sequence for you.

E4.gif (7486 bytes)

Step 8
Select COPY from the menu.
Step 9
Return to the Downloader with the open data file.
Click on the first cell under OPEN
Select EDIT and then PASTE.
This will insert all the new data. Metastock will automatically fill in the date sequence for you.
Note: This may take some time, so be patient. The downloader screen will flicker, and then all the data will appear.
Note: The first starting date will be the date you set when you created the blank file even though the first date cell is blank when you start the paste process.

Step 10
To save the new data file just click the X close button at the top of the dialog box. You will be prompted the save the data.

To open the new file simply use your normal procedures. Just make sure that you navigate
to the new folder where the new security files you created have been stored. Indicators can be constructed and applied to the new data in the same way as you would with any chart.

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