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"I just want to say I have found the GTE course excellent value. These are absolutely sensational thank you - I always eagerly await each week's addition" - Sandra


"I have found that the Guppy Introductory Trading courses, the weekly newsletter, and the excellent books have been invaluable to me in developing as an investor and trader, starting from a very inexperienced base. The advice you provide is measured, sound and of continuing value" - Gary Kelly



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GUPPY TRADING ESSENTIALS are an excellent way for the new or novice trader to quickly learn the essential basics of charting and technical analysis. They were developed after many requests from new and beginning traders who wanted to understand what is involved in chart and technical trading. The result is a 14 week series of structured course notes that takes students from the basics of charting through to some of the more sophisticated trading strategies. For just $55 you receive a weekly eight page lesson that covers five sections.


CHART BASICS explains the common indicators found on most charting programs. This includes moving averages, stochastics, MACD, Relative Strength, Guppy Multiple Moving Average and others. Best of all, the notes use Australian examples, and tell you how these indicators are modified for Australian trading conditions.


The regular TRADING section introduces the essentials you need to know about trading. It includes the ABC of the ASX which shows how trading opportunities are identified and evaluated. This section explores trading styles, prediction and probability.


BEYOND BASICS introduces students to advanced technical indicators and trading methods. Expect to learn about Fibonacci, swing indexes, linear regression and divergence trading techniques.

TECHNIQUES AND RISK provides students with a solid grounding on constructing and applying stop loss strategies, managing risk and understanding how to use several chart patterns to set profit targets. It also covers point and figure charting and advanced trading tactics.


The final section, FROM THE GUPPY NEWSLETTER includes an extract from the weekly Tutorial in Applied Technical Analysis. This shows how the groundwork of the lessons in the Guppy Trading Essentials are applied in more advanced trading strategies.


These course notes are priced to be light on the pocket because many readers want to explore this area before taking on the market. These notes teach the principles of trading in a convenient 14 week series emailed direct to you every Tuesday. You choose the format that suits you best – Microsoft Word or the popular internet PDF format. You start the course with issue 1 whenever you are ready.


At the end of the course you will be offered the opportunity to subscribe at a discount rate to the weekly Tutorials In Applied Technical Analysis. After completing the Guppy Trading Essentials course you will be armed with the knowledge necessary to make better use of the strategies discussed in this advanced newsletter.


Order Guppy Trading Essentials lesson 1 now. It will be emailed later today.


Issue 1 includes:

  • Chart basics – The Daily Bar Chart

  • Trading – Prediction and Management

  • Beyond Basics – Fibonacci Retracements

  • And an extract from the current Guppy newsletter, Tutorials in Applied Technical Analysis.

We do provide a pro-rata refund guarantee. You may notify us at any time that you wish to stop receiving the course notes. We will refund you the balance of the course notes fees – no questions asked.



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