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Review of Hong Kong workshop, 2001

Orginally posted on the Technical Analysts of Hong Kong website

Topic: Seminar on Technical Analysis
Speaker: Daryl Guppy, Founder & Director of Pty Ltd.
Ted Chen & Steve Kelsey, Technical Analysts Society of HK
Date: October 31, 2001 (Wednesday)
Review: I would certainly put the day as the best all-round event of the TASHK in the current term.

It was a one-day event, and Mr. Guppy provided a well-round introduction to technical trading in the morning, covering all the essential building blocks of the trade including the nature and construction of support and resistance levels and trendlines - better and more effectively than any book that i have come across. The afternoon dealt with a few advanced proprietary methods, transferring knowledge of the proprietary Multiple Moving Average indicator which shows the trader clear indications of institutional long-term money interests interacting with short-term trading actions all in one graphical representation - an extremely potent and useful mix.

On top, Mr. Guppy is a fluent, natural teacher who speaks with speed but great clarity, well punctuated with apt analogies, illustrations and
examples. If you have a stock you want to check out with the trading method under discussion, you would be firing away! The internet link smoothly tossed up the chart, and off Mr. Guppy goes talking in his usual animated style.

Mr. Guppy is a very willing sharer of his ideas and understanding - which is hard to find. He was so kind as to continue discussions with a few members of the TASHK after the lecture day into the evening who benefitted greatly from his experience, insight and wisdom.

The day was jointly organised with Reuters - who also provided on the side of the room workstations equipped with the Metastock charting software. Eager to check out a few charts and implementations of your new learning immediately? You could have done exactly that during the few coffee breaks that refreshed the audience to the lecture. Roughly 200 managed to attend the seminar as it was over-subscribed week ago.

TASHK 2001


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