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Share Trading


  • Section I, Advantage, Private Trader, looks at the advantages enjoyed by private traders and ways to benchmark trading success through using these advantages. It includes a specific trading cashflow strategy.
  • Section II, Selected tools for the Private Trader, looks at new ways to use Indexes and trend analysis, set profit targets based on Point and Figure (P&F) signals, and fine tune entry and exits. The P&F chapter clearly explains why P&F works because of its construction and shows how it can be integrated into a trading strategy.
  • Section III, Getting Paid, deals with money management that matches risk with position size in small accounts and the way the 2% Rule effects small account trading. It compares six money management models based on starting equity of $6,000 and progressing to $21,000.

What readers and reviewers have to say about SHARE TRADING..

"I have read all the market classics but SHARE TRADING is the first book of this type to go into detail on the 2% rule and risk management."

"Thank you for some great insights. You got them across with a style and clarity of writing which is head and shoulders above that of most other financial writers."

"SHARE TRADING tells and shows the reader what to do."

"I have plenty of trading books which discuss theory but haven't bridged the gap between discussing and doing. Your routines have completed the picture for me."

"Some books say keep detailed trading records but SHARE TRADING is the first book that shows which ones as well as how and when they should be kept. It answered all these questions in detail."

"I have waited a long time for a book like this. I have read it twice already. I use it (and Trader Vic) as my market bible."

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