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"I received your CD "Better Trading With The Guppy Moving Average". I ordered on 23-10-06 and received it on 30-10-06. I thought it was delivered very fast considering I live in Montana/USA. Thankyou!!!" - Satisfied Customer

Daryl Guppy is founder and Director of Pty Ltd. He is a full time active private position trader trading equities and associated derivatives markets. He is the author of many books and the developer of the Guppy Multiple Moving Average Indicator which is included in Metastock, OmniTrader and other popular charting programs. He delivers accredited courses for the Singapore Stock Exchange. He works with the Singapore, Malaysian, Shanghai and Dalian Commodity Exchanges. He is regular contributor to the Sydney Futures Exchange magazine, Your Trading Edge, the US trading magazines Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities, Active Trader, Working Money, Bridge Trader, Australia's Shares and Personal Investment magazines, Singapore's Smart Investor magazine and The Edge business weekly in Malaysia.

Precision Pattern Trading ORDER
Accurately identify high-probability trading patterns.
Course Length: 1:32
Price: $84 This presentation lays the groundwork for using pattern recognition tools and then shows how these tools are used to create precise definitions of high-probability patterns. These are end-of-day patterns which offer three-to-fifteen-day trading opportunities and which may also be applied to intraday trading...

Precision Pattern Trading Workbook ORDER
Test your pattern recognition skills.
Course Length: 1:07
Price: $84 This workbook challenges you to identify the pattern early, set realistic price targets, define the risk, and then decide in advance how you would trade the opportunity...

Better Trading With The Guppy Multiple Moving Average ORDER
Track the activity of traders and investors.
Course Length: 1:12
Price: $84The Guppy Multiple Moving Average indicator captures the interaction between the two most powerful forces in the market — traders and investors. Traders who understand the changing character of -each of these groups have a dramatic advantage when it comes to developing the most appropriate trading- strategy..

Better Trading With The Guppy Multiple Moving Average Workbook ORDER
Apply the Guppy Multiple Moving Average.
Course Length: 1:16
Price: $84 Many of the workbook examples are personal trades and show the actual charts on the date Daryl Guppy completed his analysis. You are asked to do the same and then to compare your analysis with the way the trade had actually developed. Full answers and explanatory analysis are included for each example...

Modern Darvas Trading  ORDER
Course Length: 1:12
Price: $84
Buy breakouts to new highs—but only when there is a high probability that the uptrend will continue. Modern Darvas trading is a classical trend trading technique modified for modern market volatility. Forget about trend lines and simple moving averages because the Darvas technique defines the trend based on a self-adjusting volatility box..

Darvas Trading Workbook  ORDER
Course Length: 0:53
Price: $84
Construct Darvas boxes with confidence. The workbook starts with a brief revision of the Darvas techniques. Then you work with examples to apply classical and modern Darvas trading techniques, which reflect the reality of market trading. Find out what you should do when traditional trend indicators signal the end of a trend—but the Darvas technique does not. The answer to this dilemma can put money in your account..

Risk, Stop Loss and Position Size ORDER
Course Length: 1:09
Price: $84
Learn how risk is really measured. Guppy shows you how to choose between competing trade opportunities by applying risk/reward ratio analysis to select trades with a higher probability of success. Using a series of actual trades, he shows how money management improves results without the need to increase the number of profitable trades. Risk calculation spreadsheet templates are included...

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The Complete Guppy Traders Seminar Series
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