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 Better Trading With The Guppy Multiple Moving Average - 72 Minutes


GMMA SeminarThe Guppy Multiple Moving Average indicator captures the interaction between the two most powerful forces in the market — traders and investors. Traders who understand the changing character of each of these groups have a dramatic advantage when it comes to developing the most appropriate trading strategy. And this indicator gives unique insights into the nature and character of the trend for both long and short traders.

The Guppy Multiple Moving Average moves beyond standard moving average analysis by identifying the fractal repetition of price behavior across multiple time frames. This indicator is a powerful trend analysis tool suited for those who want to join a new trend early or those who would like to take advantage of price weakness as a trend develops. The detailed explanation of this indicator ensures that you will never be fooled by a false rally again. It also provides a significant trading edge for intraday, end-of-day, and position trading.

This presentation will also help you to:

  • Understand the application of the Guppy Multiple Moving Average
  • Track the activity of traders and investors
  • Reveal the relationship between price and value
  • Gain a better understanding of the nature and character of the trend
  • Avoid shakeouts on false price dips and rallies
  • Recognize when rallies are not part of a trend change
  • Make mid-trend entries with confidence
Use Trend Trading by Daryl Guppy as an additional reference

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