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Better Trading With The Guppy Multiple Moving Average Workbook - 76 Minutes


GMMA WorkbookThe Guppy Multiple Moving Average indicator reveals the behavior of traders and investors by illuminating the character and nature of the trend. When you understand these elements, you have a significant edge over your competitors because you are then armed with the ability to select the most appropriate trading strategy.

We start with indicator revision notes and provide examples of breakout, downtrend rally, and mid-trend applications of the indicator. We illustrate “bubble trading” identification and strategies and also show how to use this vital indicator to verify end-of-trend conditions. Many of the workbook examples are personal trades and show the actual charts on the date Daryl Guppy completed his analysis. You are asked to do the same and then to compare your analysis with the way the trade had actually developed. Full answers and explanatory analysis are included for each example.

Additionally, you will learn how to:

  • Apply the Guppy Multiple Moving Average
  • Identify the best breakout trading strategy
  • Analyze mid-trend entry opportunities
  • Trade downtrend rallies with confidence
  • Understand “bubble trading” tactics
  • Understand trend weakness for better exits
  • Trade a trend long or short with confidence
  • Apply the indicator to intraday and end-of-day trading
Use Trend Trading by Daryl Guppy as an additional reference

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