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Modern Darvas Trading - 72 Minutes


Modern Darvas Trading SeminarModern Darvas trading is a classical trend trading technique modified for modern market volatility. Forget about trend lines and simple moving averages because the Darvas technique defines the trend based on a self-adjusting volatility box. Start by understanding the classic Darvas applications. Then explore the modifications required in modern volatile markets, including the application of “ghost boxes?to manage risk and set stop loss conditions. Learn to apply Darvas techniques to breakout trading opportunities to capture young but robust trend development.

The core of this strategy is based on buying breakouts to new highs—but only when there is a high probability that the uptrend will continue. This is an update to classical trend trading. The strength of the strategy rests on its accurate method of calculating effective stop loss points. This technique belongs in every trader’s toolbox as this style of trading locks onto long- term trends that require little day-to-day management.

Additionally, you will learn how to:

  • Lock onto long-term trends with confidence
  • Reduce management time while trading the trend with confidence
  • Learn modifications required for modern market volatility
  • Accurately construct a Darvas volatility box
  • Apply Darvas techniques to breakout trading with young trends
  • Avoid buying the ultimate highest price
Use Trend Trading by Daryl Guppy as an additional reference

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