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  • Check out one of Elliot Wave International's article Key To Trading Success: Ignore Nature's Laws?

  • End of day data for Singapore and Malaysia is available from BodhiGold. This includes 20 years historical data and end of day for the full Australian market. This also gives you access to a wide selection of other international markets - many at no additional cost.

  • FX Pip Capital: Learn the basics of the FOREX market and how to tap into the largest trading opportunity in the world

  • Learn Forex Trading - You need to learn forex trading skills and strategies before you can successfully trade forex and knowing where to find the best training is essential.

  • Are you interested in getting a MBA but not sure where to start? To Do MBA can help!

  • Online Trading: A revolutionary free online trading community for active traders and investors.

  • Day Trading: Advisory services and training for day traders and swing traders.

  • Swing Trading: Daily swing trading stock picks for free.

  • TRADING CFD's -  Getting independent information about the advantages and disadvantages of CFD trading is difficult. You need this information because this market has hidden dangers. This 44 page e-Book written by Daryl Guppy gives an independent starting point because you want to  make a better assessment of what is involved in CFD trading.

  • Redshift provides clear and incisive business market research and data analysis

  • TechReq is a technical staffing agency, offering temporary staffing and direct full-time placement of engineers, programmers and IT professionals in California.

  • Elliot Wave International has been kind enough to provide us with another fantastic article. Concerned about recession? This article gives you insight in to how to survive. Be sure to read Gold, The DOW, T-Notes: Which Does Best During Recessions?

  • Trackable next day delivery now available to Australian customers on book and CD orders. For further details and delivery conditions please see the order forms.

  • Interested in Forex? Want to learn to trade forex by watching forex traders trading in real time? Then go to Fibforex123 for your chance to watch real forex traders trading in real time.

  • Check out this collaboration between Daryl Guppy and CNBC. Daryl Explains how you can make your bullish bias work for you!

  • Worried about Internet Credit Card transactions? Credit Card security and anti-hacker protections.

  • Learn all about currency trading and Forex from the most extensive financial site on the web at Platinum Forex.

  • Thinking of trading the US Penny Stock market? Pennycents focuses on Penny Stocks and Small Cap Magazine focusing on OTCBB - the OTC Bulletin Boards by Penny Cents.

  • Surviving Difficult Markets - A Letter To Readers and Traders from Daryl Guppy, CEO

  • Daryl Guppy's analysis on your favourite markets and email your stock suggestions to CBNC Asia.

  • The new Elliot Wave International article is out!! Click here to read this great article called: Suddenly, It's a Bleak Midwinter for Housing and Lending.

  • Learn Stock Market Legends: Want to make money trading stocks? Learn from Wall Street's greatest as well as top investing strategies. And it's all free.

  • Forex Trading First - provides an online Forex trading platform for global customers.

  • CyclePoint™ is a free cycle service. It attempts to find clusters of repetitive cycles that have the potential to lead to market reversals. CyclePoint allows traders to trade with the information at hand, and not fall into the trap of price prediction. Click here to find out more about this technique at CyclePoint!

  • Are you looking at entering the Futures or Options market in the United States? The US Commodity Futures Trading Commission is there to ensure the integrity of the market. To find out more about what this commission does and the laws it enforces click here.

  • is proud to be the winner of the Territory FM Small Business Award in the 2007 Chief Minister's Northern Territory Export & Industry Awards.

  • Are you looking for a trading platform? Why not have a look at MetaTrader4? To register for a FREE MetaTrader4 practise account from FX Instructor click here.

  • Click here to for currency rates table, live currency converter as well as daily (updated daily) and weekly outlook (updated weekly) provided by Forex Affiliate.

  • Forex Affiliate provides tools such as glossary, charts, interest rates and currency rates as well as guaranteed Stop-Loss rate, Special Terms for frequent traders and live quotes, real-time. You can start trading with as little as US$50 with credit card use for instant Deposit.

  • Finance Pro Guide - Information on how to manage your credit and maximize your investments. Tips on online stock and foreign exchange trading. Investing for retirement and wealth management.

  • Want to know more about the Wyckoff Method? Have a look at some of these articles.

  • Check out Guppy's analysis of China fund on CNBC

  • Online Commodity Futures Trading - Profit from your insights with online commodity futures trading. Check it out on now!

  • Active Online Stocks Trading and Investment Online Trading - Stock Market Investing, Financial Aid 

  • Australian dividend dates. These are forecast and actual announcement dates for the current month.

  • Mutual Fund Facts About Individual Stocks (Mffais) shows you which and how many mutual funds sold shares in a specific company.

  • New restaurants added for 2007. I am often asked for recommendations for good places to eat in Singapore. This places on this list are culled from my personal preferences and reflect my tastes. These pages are a meal-in-progress, so please return as new restaurants are added. I don't ask you to agree with my choices, but please enjoy.

  • Elite Forex Trading - A unique boutique internet based electronic brokerage. Cutting Edge robotic systems, combined with an Elite Team of Forex Dealers offering forex managed accounts, forex trade signals, and self-traded forex accounts.

  • Bullseye Top Trader Thinking is an excellent book. The supporting web site also offers insights into the way traders think. It also has some good resources on futures contacts, margins  and other information.

  • Anticipated dividend announcement dates and actual dividend announcement dates are found in the Trading Ideas > Dividend Diary on the Macquarie Bank site. This is a handy guide for a variety of dividend trading strategies.

  • The StarTrader Report by Jason Mitchell carries many resources and a very useful trading newsletter.

  • Check out the ELLIOTT WAVE BOOKSTORE for all the books written by the No. 1 authority on Elliott Wave Trading

  • Red-K-Line, a weekly trading newsletter for the Chinese market in English. Includes stock recommendations, trading plans and China market analysis.

  • Bull's-Eye Broker provides Point and Figure for Guppytraders Essentials Charting software.

Not sure which Guppy book to read - Use this guide

  • If you are familiar with the Wave Principle, you already know that the diagonal triangle is one of the most exciting and tradable technical patterns around. EWI analyst Jeffrey Kennedy calls it "The most dynamic wave pattern of all." In his two-part online trading course, Jeffrey begins with how to identify a diagonal triangle. But then he goes beyond the basic pattern and dives into the rules and guidelines, wave structures and personalities, and real-time strategies for trading the diagonal triangle.

  • Looking for a trading plan? Trading-plan can help! Trading-plan is designed to assist people develop a trading plan that is right for them.

  • Trading in Options & Futures - For informative articles about trading options & futures.

  • Visit Today Templates to find some useful financial spreadsheets, as well as links to other sites offering spreadsheets of a similar nature.

  • Order Mike Reed's new e-book 'Read The Greed - Take The Money'

  • Want to learn more about the CANSLIM principle? This CANSLIM web site has some interesting information and discussion groups.

ManusRisco Money Management Software - Special Offer

  • The Contrarian Investing Association looks for strongly financed companies that are undervalued by the market for the wrong reasons, believing the market will come to appreciate their true value over time.  This investing approach can also be described as contrarian, since such stocks are purchased when most investors believe they are unattractive.

  • Find out about a great new e-book available from our Guppytraders Store. This e-book, THE STOCK TRADING HANDBOOK - Fundamental and Technical Analysis Combined, by Jim Berg, helps the inexperienced investor take the first steps to trading successfully, as well as helping existing traders and investors increase their performance and profitability.

  • Online Futures Trading. Commodity brokers doing online future trading and commodity trading at discount commission rates.

  • This Master Data site provides historical and current composite/breadth data files usable directly in MetaStock via MasterDATA's Composite Plug-in.

  • This MetaStockCSV Plug-in allows MetaStock to use data directly from a user's own comma delimited data files. Create you own Excel data files, and then use them directly with Metastock. This is good backtesting and system testing software. Designed to work with Metastock.

Asia market trading newsletter - Read about it

  • Compuvision produces advanced system development tools for position traders who use Metastock

  • This library site includes a wide selection of books on European trading. Also includes many books in Italian. It is linked to a commentary site that includes articles in both English and Italian.

  • is an information site for professional traders, money managers and active investors.  Every day the site gives access to the insights of 26 professional traders and money mangers.

  • Now you can purchase a range of books and services from other trading suppliers. Click for details of the Jim Berg Metastock Home Study course, Stator Risk Management, TradeRisk, Elliott Wave Trading books and more.

  • Learn about what our Company has to offer and our GTE Charting Software

  • Check out our recently added link,, which provides many links, articles and products to help you find a useful  trading system.

  • This forexch site provides a wide range of links to many aspects of forex trading. This includes charting, trading information and other resources. This site has many articles and resources about forex compiled into an easy-to-navigate website.

  • This options trading site is non-profit. It just provides information on options to the public.

  • NYSE Stocks provide free real time stock market charts, tools for day trading stocks and useful information about online stock trading

  • ManusRisco has practical and easy to use money management software using proven business models designed to manage your trading just like a successful business. This creates a professional business structure, which enables you to make educated, confident and profitable trading decisions. Software is designed for day traders and over night or long term traders.

  • This new site, Sharetradingeducation, carries some very useful e-book material as well as links to other resources, books, software etc. It has a very strong focus on practical risk management and tools.

  • Now you can buy Metastock direct from Guppytraderscomsg Pte Ltd. This is the leading charting program and includes many Guppy tools. Upgrades to Version 10 also available.

nirv.gif (8089 bytes)Click for full details.

  • TradeLog completely automates your stock and options trade and tax accounting. Import an unlimited number of trades from online and direct access brokerages. Properly match trades, including short sales, calculate gains and losses and wash sales and attach to your schedule. TradeLog is the only software for mark-to-market accounting.

  • Aigam Web directory is a useful site for access to a wide range of trading newsletters.

  • Learn how to trade using Elliott waves. Elliott Wave International provides a range of free and paid services and includes research by Prechter.

  • Business-Inc.Net - web directory

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Beer and bears shows an effective way to understand and compare the value of modern investment strategies.

This is a new guide to the way Capitalism has evolved in recent years.

Take a look at this humorous Stock Market Dictionary.

Get an idea of what we can expect to see as merger-mania goes to extremes.

The state of the Japanese banking system is not a joke, but it does make for some good financial jokes.

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