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Trading Strategies With MetaStockTRADING STRATEGIES WITH





A Comprehensive Guide that takes you Step by Step through Trading Strategies using MetaStock Software.




This manual is a tutorial based on the notes from a two day hands-on workshop. With detailed instructions, task oriented exercises and email support it works extremely well as a home study course.


Section I - Preparation/Background This is not a software training course but in Section One I detail the specific areas of MetaStock that I use in my trading. This will help students of this course to familiarize themselves with these areas so they can alter my strategies to create their own methods to suit their personality and trading philosophy.


Section II - Trading In this section I cover my methods in detail, using MetaStock and other tools.

This comprehensive package will help you learn how to use Metastock & Jim Berg's trading strategies to trade the market. It includes:                        

  • FREE Email Support for One Month
  • CD Rom containing Information Documents, Indicators, Formulas, Sector Layouts & Indices Data
  • Copy of The Share Traders Handbook (Jim Berg)
  • 'How to write your own stock and futures trading plan' ebook

    A 2 day workshop seminar is an expensive option. Buying this package is an excellent alternative.

    Cost: $1380  ORDER NOW



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