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By Daryl Guppy

The Guppy Multiple Moving Average (GMMA) Trend Volatility Line (TVL) is designed to capture changes in trend volatility rather than changes in price volatility. In the bull market in 2006-2007 it was sufficient to understand price volatility and use this for trend management. Increased price volatility in the 2008 bear market showed the limitations of this approach.

            The GMMA TVL was originally developed as a method for intraday scalping. It starts with a breakeven line. This reference line is used to define the changes from Hope to Confidence to Certainty (HCC)  in trade entry management. The HCC method  used as a method of scaling into trade positions.

            The GMMA TVL is an extension of the HCC method and allows traders to define the duration of appropriate volatility so a consistent stop loss can be set. The TVL is adjusted up or down  in a way consistent with changes in trend volatility rather than changes in price volatility. It is used for trading long and short.

            Further investigation of this trend management  method used the fractal nature of the GMMA to extend its application to intraday and multi-day trend trade management in volatile index, derivative, commodity and stock markets. This includes a time frame step-up for intraday management after a scalping entry. It then transfers to a end of day management for long term trend exposure and management.

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