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Trading the bounce is a reliable, successful and simple strategy in a bull market. In a bear market the rules change. Momentum trades from the long side behave differently. Selecting the correct entry conditions has a significant impact on the success and profitability of the trade. Rebound trades include a higher level of risk. Aggressive entries increase risk dramatically. Understanding the behaviour of price in a rebound trade reduces the risk and improves the probability of success.
The successful momentum or rebound trade starts with defining the preferred buy-range. This is directly related to the behaviour of price and volatility in preceding days. Better buy-range trade planning improves the probability of success, but incorrect execution of entry strategies can increase the risk.
Guppy discusses the combinations and subtleties in these entry decisions using animated charts. Watch how the trade unfolds during the day and recognise the exact entry conditions. These methods are used by end-of-day traders who want to get a better and safer entry price. The methods are also used by intraday traders and applied to 1, 3, or 5 minute charts. Catching the rebound momentum at the correct point is essential for trading success in intraday time frames.


This dynamic presentation will teach you how to:

  • How to recognise a bear market recovery

  • How to set a sensible buy-range for the proposed entry

  • How to minimise risk with a better entry into momentum trades

  • How to minimise risk with a better entry in a rebound from support

  • How to interpret price activity inside the preferred buy-range

  • How to interpret price activity that opens outside the buy-range - is it an opportunity or an invitation to disaster?

  • Techniques suitable for end of day and intraday trading

  • Techniques suitable for long side and short side trading

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