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GOLD - Mining The Markets



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Mine it, buy it, hoard it or trade it? The best way to make money from gold is to trade it. The gold market offers some unique opportunities. In this 84 minute DVD by CNBC Asia “Chartman” Daryl Guppy discusses the behaviour of the gold market and how this is related to the gold price. The analysis of the gold market is the market analysis Guppy provides for industry associations, and Government departments. Guppy explains how to use the main gold market instruments and the unique risks, and opportunities, associated with each. Guppy shows you how to trade gold more effectively using derivative instruments such as Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and Contract For Difference (CFDs). Guppy explains how to outperform the gold price movement by trading gold producing companies, and gold explorers. Learn how to identify explosive returns from gold in advance and avoid the 3 gold trading traps that will cost you money. These are trading tactics from a master trader. Don’t miss this golden opportunity.



This dynamic presentation will teach you how to:

When to use and avoid gold Exchange Traded Funds
The key trend change signals
How to identify the best gold trading opportunities
How to identify chart patterns that show informed trading in the gold sector
How to use price leverage to boost trading returns
How to boost returns using gold derivative instruments
How to understand the link between gold price and
gold company performanceUse Tutorials in Applied Technical Analysis as an additional reference

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