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The Futures Game:
A challenging commodities trading simulation game.

(approx. 8.0 megabyte / Win 95)

The product is designed to entertain and educate players, as they buy and sell commodities in historical market scenarios. Commodities include:

Futures Contract: Size of Contract: Units per Contract:
Crude Oil 1,000 Barrels Dollars per Barrel
Gold 100 Troy Ounces Dollars per Troy Ounce
Live Cattle 40,000 Pounds Cents per Pound
Soybeans 5,000 Bushels Cents per Bushel
S&P 500 500 Times Index Dollars per Contract
US Treasury Bonds $100,000 Par Dollars per Contract

The Futures Game™ uses historical prices, economic news releases and other news stories, which create challenging commodities markets enabling players to measure and test trading and investing skills in an entertaining game environment. Whether you are a novice, curious about the market, or a pro following every move - this commodities trading simulation product allows you to trade at Novice & Expert levels.

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