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  • Part 1: LONG BEARS considers the variety of bear markets that afflict financial traders. Not all bears are the same, and different market conditions call for different trading responses. This section details survival strategies for share trader trading from the long side - buying low and selling high - and includes rally trading strategies. These are applied to ordinary shares and show how to hunt for opportunities amongst the rubble.

  • Part 2: BEYOND THE BEAR shows how warrants, and other derivatives, open up the range of trading opportunities, both for long side traders and for short side traders. Traders make money in bear markets and these are trading techniques designed to make the most of market moves. We work from practical reality to show better ways to identify opportunities and trade warrants without being overwhelmed by jargon and theory.

  • Part 3: SHORT BEARS brings together real trading examples using the techniques covered in the first two sections. This is how traders survive in bear markets. It includes an introduction to option strategies and hedging as well as the detail of short trading equities in Australia.

  • Part 4: GRIN AND BEAR IT Bull markets build bad habits. Bear markets make us pay for them, so we show how traders can take a closer look at their trading habits and the way they respond to increased risk. Bear markets are a timely reminder to revise the rules we trade by, and we include a selection of these.

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