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Not sure which Guppy book to buy? Here is a guide.

Want to co-ordinate your trading?              The 36 Strategies of the Chinese for Financial Traders                                                                                                  Beginner to experienced

Want to master powerful techniques?       Trend Trading                     Beginner to experienced   (The top selling financial trading book in all financial categories, 2004)

Want to know more about trading?           Share Trading                     Beginner to experienced
Want to know more about charts?
           Chart Trading                       Beginner to experienced
Want to know more about tactics?
            Trading Tactics                    Beginner to experienced
Want to improve your trading results?
      Better Trading                      Experienced to professional
Want to understand short term trading?
    Snapshot Trading                Experienced to professional
Want to survive difficult markets?
             Bear Trading                         Beginner to experienced

"As a novice novice investor, your book, Share Trading,  confirmed a suspicion that hit me one day as I looked at the market depth & daily chart for one of my stocks that was going nowhere much except up & down repeatedly. The notion hit me: "There’s bastards out there making money by buying & selling huge quantities of this stock every day! Maybe some of them are even using it as their main source of income! So why do I sit here - maybe for years - in the hope that it will be a good long term investment?" I immediately went in search of information on the subject of buying & selling for profit, came across the link to your site  & bought your book. I am certain I could not have chosen a better one to start with: it gave proper shape to my hazy thoughts, provided a substantial starting point for further exploration, was clear & easy to read & highly informative. Thank you."

"Your material touches on all the major charting techniques and indicators. The difference is that you formulate excellent money management techniques, help the reader use all these indicators to search for excellent trading opportunities, formulate entry set-ups, and devise the most disciplined stop-loss techniques I have seen. Quite simply, your material puts all the theory into practice and this enables traders of all levels to trade with greater direction and confidence."


"Hi, got my books yesterday. Didn't expect it so soon. I've been so used to waiting a couple of months for my books from and still waiting for one, even though I ordered it a month earlier than yours!" - Malaysian customer

"I received my book from you on Saturday, 4 days after I ordered it. Delivery was so much sooner than expected and effected with 200% efficiency." - UK Customer

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