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"I have to compliment you on your style of teaching (and trading). It is straight forward, no nonsense, to the point, and usable in the real world. What I have seen from Guppy Traders is a refreshing change from the usual and I have learned much even after trading for 13 years." US trader.


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We have held trading and certified professional education and development workshops since 1996. Some comments from previous seminars are below

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CAN YOU REALLY LEARN TO TRADE IN 3 OR 4 HOURS?  This is simply not possible. You can, however, learn how to improve your existing skills, explore ways to develop your current knowledge of the market, and more fully understand the techniques being demonstrated. Our workshops sharpen your trading edge. When you attend one of our workshops you get all the information you need. There are no programs to buy, and no additional workshops to attend. We provide stand -alone education to help you to trade better with whatever products you choose to use.


Read a full review of a Hong Kong trading workshop presented for Reuters.


Some comments from previous seminars

"On the subject of the seminar, I must say that it was an inspiring night. Daryl was energetic, spontaneous and his comments were thought provoking. Additionally, he was very generous with his time, staying back after the official closing time to discuss specific issues with us. I've not been to a trading seminar before where the examples used during the evening were drawn from the audience (not pre-planned). I'm using only some of the ideas that Daryl shared with us to paper trade 17securities, and EVERY ONE OF THEM is trading according Daryl's plans. That's impressive." - Private trader


"Thank you very much for an excellent workshop. The atmosphere was really conducive to learning. I appreciated the way you were organized and knew what you were doing. This showed, especially in question time. The workshop taught me so much." - Novice trader


"Went to your seminar tonight, wow, what an experience. You placed before me the final key in my years of study that enabled me to understand and use all that I have learnt over the years. Thank you for a great evening." - Private trader


"Thank you for conducting such an interesting and informative seminar on warrant trading in Perth on Saturday. Believe me, it was the best that I have attended so far -- I have been to three seminars on warrants in the past week, two of them were very basic. If I had to give a rating on a 1 to 10 scale, I would, unhesitatingly, put yours at 10. That's how I view it." - Private trader


"Have read your books and read the newsletter but the seminar brought it all to life! Travelled from Sydney to Brisbane and rate the experience to be excellent value. You bring the tactics down to be so common sense (after doing the hard yards of analysis) and your decision matrix and disc of excel spreadsheets were just the icing on the cake!" - Private trader


"The seminar, like your book, was practical and informative. I enjoyed it. And more importantly, I learned from it. For me it brought a lot of the theory into perspective. Let me know when the next one is scheduled. I will mark it in my diary." - Private Trader


"For less than the cost of brokerage on a single trade I learnt trading approaches that will save me from making costly mistakes. Excellent." - Part time trader


"If you get one good idea from a seminar it is worth the entry fee. I walked away with several new ideas I could program into my charting software immediately." - Private futures trader


"Your seminar certainly helped to fill the gaps in my trading knowledge." - Part time trader


"I like the style and content of your seminars and newsletters, because they give me not only confidence in my trading, but also a deeper and clearer understanding of share and market reactions" - A Reader


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