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Jim Berg's released a new combo package of JB Premium Charts + 12 months data + his brand new Home Study Course + 1 months email support. Click here to find out more.

Explore a guide to software options. is home of the award winning Stock Trading Software : Stock Signal Pro, which provides Swing Trading Software for NASDAQ, NYSE, and AMEX Stocks.

Macintosh Australian Portfolio management software is available. This also runs on a PC. It handles capital gains, portfolio status, splits, dividends etc. Ask for details.

Tradingbasis offers trading tools that provide information for trading successfully. All their tools are written for AmiBroker software and are equipped with many easily variable parameters and analysis functions to display your signals and lines of interest. Some Amibroker tools include Taio indicator, automatic pattern recognition, pivots, fractals, and much more.

Compuvision produces advanced system development tools for position traders who use Metastock. This is good backtesting and system testing software designed to work with Metastock.

ManusRisco has practical and easy to use money management software using proven business models designed to manage your trading just like a successful business. This creates a professional business structure, which enables you to make educated, confident and profitable trading decisions. Software is designed for day traders and over night or long term traders.

ManusRisco Money Management Software - Special Offer

This APT site offers a comprehensive set of ex-ante and ex-post measures, model-based and model-free, textbook implementations and proprietary, value-added analytics – offering a breadth of understanding and control over your investments that is available from no one else.

Stator Advanced Finance Management  Affordable portfolio management software which has been designed to meet the needs of a wide variety of traders and investors (i.e. income, amateur, system, mechanical). It offers support for share, warrant, futures and CFD instruments while containing many advanced features aimed to give you total control. Visit the website to learn more and to download a FREE demo.

The Incredible Charts website offers good online charting and many useful reference resources on indicators and trading topics


This stand alone point and figure program is interesting.

An excellent stand alone point and figure program which works with many data formats is now available. This is a DOS program but worth the effort. It includes a logarithmic scaling option. EZ-PnF can be downloaded as a trial version.

Excelarate provides internet access to live ASX top 100, CME, CBOT, Indicies and Major spots and SFE. These are available as internet watch screens. This includes end of day data. 

Anderson Investor's Software now has an updated site covering most of the US charting, investment and financial packages. Omega Tradestation and Optionstation now have an Australian distributor. Download some sample software, and some useful utilities for Metastock..

Take a look at an equity trading game simulation game. It is a good training exercise that doesn't cost cash.

Really play the futures market with this demo using a realistic trading environment. This is a useful training tool that gives you the opportunity to trade Comex Gold, Cattle, S&P futures and T-Bonds. It uses 15 years of historical news and prices so you are trading 'real' markets.



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