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Market Trading Tactics

Market Trading Tactics




Market Trading Tactics is a handbook of trading tactics, touching on the major charting techniques and indicators. It shows how to formulate realistic money management techniques and helps the private trader use all these indicators to search for the best trading opportunities. It shows how to plan entry set-ups and how to devise disciplined stop-loss techniques. The book outlines a flexible day-to-day plan of action that enables traders of all levels to trade with greater direction and confidence. Author Daryl Guppy also discusses how to go about the daily search for new trading opportunities and offers ready-to-use formulae to ease the process. He explains how best to exploit trading opportunities and discusses managing the position to maximize profitability. The book is supported on with constantly updated material. Guppy takes position-trading beyond the basics as he describes in easy-to-understand detail how it is possible for any trader with an understanding of the market to maximize the prospects of success by using the right trading tactics.


Currently out-of stock in our inventory, however, this book is available on Amazon.

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