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Snapshot Trading

Snapshot Trading




Best-selling author and Australia's most highly-respected trading expert, Daryl Guppy, has been in the market since the late 1980s. You could say he has seen it all - the crashes and the booms - the roaring bull run and the terror of the infamous tech wreck. He can always find a way of taking profits from any market environment:

"Taking a small bite in an intra-day trade from a very large long-term price move in a bull market never made sense. Good traders shoot for smaller returns only when the market is volatile and nervous." says Guppy. "Every trader needs to know how and when to use these strong defensive short-term and intra-day trading techniques and strategies. These snapshot trading tactics are an important addition to the trader's toolbox."


SNAPSHOT TRADING presents new material and covers techniques that build on the work in the author's previous books and his popular weekly online newsletter. Many of the examples Daryl gives are drawn from actual trades and show the real-life application of specific techniques to exploit recurring short-term opportunities

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